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So you’re trying to sell your car and it’s beginning to look impossible.   Why is it that nobody seems to want to call you?  You’ve had ads up on Craigslist, Facebook,, and Autotrader and still nothing.  Kelly Blue Book says the car has a suggested retail value of $3,000 which is what you listed the car for and again, nobody seems to be interested.

It’s time to face reality, Truth Hurts!  You’re car just may be too old.  That 1998 Honda Accord with 180K miles still runs great but reality needs to set in, it’s too old for retail, nobody is going to pay you any tangible money to use for personal use when they can pay the same for a car that’s almost 10 years newer.  Also, even if the car needs some light repairs, does it make sense to do them?  Probably not!  If you pay to fix those issues, this will not add value to the car, remember nobody wants it.  Fixing an issue is just for you so you keep your old car and keep in mind, due to the age, something else may fail once fixing the addressed problem.

When facing the truth you need to know when it’s time to say goodbye!  You might love that old car but it did its job over the years.  You just don’t have options.  Because of its age, it doesn’t even have parts value.  Your choices are drive it till it’s dead or just recycle the car.

Recycling a vehicle may be hard to digest but may be the best option for you to get rid of the car.  In the 80’s when you junked a car it may have cost you a few bucks to junk it.  As the demand for recycled metals went up, companies were paying as much as $600 for heavier junk cars.   Markets do fluctuate though and with the trade imbalances with China coupled with high tariffs on exported scrap metal, light vehicles are typically worth $75 to $175 with heavier ones worth anywhere from $175 to $350.

RCO Cash for Cars does its best at helping customers make a decision on what’s their best option on getting rid of that older vehicle.  We will guide you in the right direction and provide you with current market value based on your location and type of vehicle you have.  For a free no hassle quote, visit us online at or call toll free (888) 589-1747.

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About the Author:

As CEO of RCO Cash for Cars I do my best treating customers as I would like to be treated if selling my own personal vehicle. We do our best at evaluating vehicle based on the age, mechanical condition, and overall history when getting a customer a price quote. There's no one size fits all priced on a vehicle and we eliminate the flaws of pricing guides. Remember pricing guides do not purchase vehicles and there is no Human Element when the give customers a quote. RCO Cash for Cars prides itself being one of the top car buyers in the country. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns!

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