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Hours of Operation…
Sunday – Closed
Monday – 9AM to 6PM
Tuesday – 9AM to 6PM
Wednesday – 9am to 6PM
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Saturday – 9AM to 2PM

Staten Island Facility Number…
(718) 587-9797

Want cash for your car on Staten Island? RCO Cash for Cars is your company!

  1. We provide the fastest cash for cars service in Staten Island.
  2. RCO is Staten Island’s #1 car buying company.
  3. As Staten Island’s top junk car and truck buyer we specialize in newer models not covered under insurance.

People sell vehicles for all types of reasons. Your old car is no longer wanted and need get rid of that junk car on Staten Island, New York. It may be problematic or no longer runs or drives. You might also have a newer car that you no longer want and don’t have the time or effort needed to sell it privately. You may also be looking at a new car buy your lease isn’t up. RCO Cash for Cars makes it easy for you! Conveniently located here on State Island, just call us toll free at (888) 998-5103 because we pay cash for cars in Staten Island NY!

Fast, courteous and professional cars buyers on Staten Island, NY!

RCO is the easiest way to sell your car taking away all the hassle. Not only will we pay cash for cars on Staten Island, but we also pay cash for junk cars. We are direct buyers and do not outsource like other companies! We are highly rated and licensed NYS dealers. Unlike other companies who outsource to others, we are direct buyers and come to you towing away your vehicle free of charge. For expedited service we welcome drive in customers without appointment and provide courtesy transportation home! Unlike other car buyers and salvage yards that force you to pay for your unwanted car truck or van, we come to you free of charge. Since RCO is an established licensed business with an impeccable 5 star rating reputation, you can be sure we won’t play games like other companies which over quote and lowball when they arrive like other buyers on Staten Island, NY.

We buy junk cars on Staten Island, NY and with cash payment at pickup!

Because most people look to get rid of older cars than newer cars, the bulk of vehicles taken in are for junk and scrap recycling? Newer vehicles that are crashed without insurance will most likely have parts value and our team of experts will get you a fair price on that newer model car that has become problematic. We know the difference between cars, trucks and vans that get picked up for recycling and the ones that have parts value or can be repaired for resale. When it comes to needing immediate cash for cars on Staten Island, nobody can pick up your vehicle better or faster than RCO Cash for Cars.

Even if you think your car is only garbage we will pay you cash and remove it for FREE. We buy junk cars on Staten Island in any condition. As long as its complete with all parts attached we can get you market value. For newer cars and trucks we can pay up to $100,000 for your car which makes us the only company in the are that pays cash for luxury vehicles.

Sell your junk car on Staten Island and keep this borough beautiful!

Staten Island has always been know as the outcast of New York City always being neglected however in recent years the borough has taken so many independent steps like closing the land fill and building parks where junk once laid.

When we buy cars on Staten Island, NY, unlike other companies, we discard the junk cars and haul them off Staten Island into New Jersey without having the vehicle lay here on the Island with hazardous and toxic materials lying around. Every time you junk a vehicle with us we have the scrap car hauled away off Staten Island. When junking a car with RCO Cash for Cars on Staten Island you have piece of mind knowing it won’t end up stripped on the street.

Our Staten Island cash for cars service is fast and easy

No matter what area of Staten Island you live on we make selling your car easy relieving you of the headache of placing advertisements while entertaining tire kicker who waste your time making ridiculous offers or never even showing up. Save money by not placing paid advertisements in Autotrader or

When listing your car for sale privately you will receive tons of messages from strangers who have no real interest in buying your car, but whats worse is they ask the same ridiculous questions over and over. Not to mention, you have to watch out for all the pitfalls and scams of people trying to fraud you. RCO will buy your car on Staten Island, NY in minutes. For efficiency purposes there are only a few easy steps to follow:

  1. Submit some details about your car. Our online for asks just a few questions where we collect information needed to ascertain the value of your vehicle. Just click the link at the top of the page and enter the year, make, and model with a few other miscellaneous questions. For older junk cars, no title, no problem. We can still pick it up while paying you cash.
  2. You’ll get an fast quote. RCO will call you back almost immediately with a real time offer on how much your car is going to be worth. If you like the offer you can submit a photo inspection to firm up the transaction or for junk cars we dispatch a tow truck directly to you for that junk car removal here on Staten Island.
  3. You’ll get paid cash for your junk car. Some companies will pick up your junk car and pay by check. RCO pays cash for all junk cars pickups! When transport arrives they will have cash for your junk car! For newer models and vehicles with value outside of junk we offer payment by check, or instant electronic payment directly to your bank account! None of the other car buying companies are this sophisticated there they pay the same!

When the whole process is complete the only thing you will be required to do is surrender you New York license plates to the New York State DMV. If your vehicle was registered in another state you will need to comply with the laws of that state. If you are buying a new vehicle you can transfer the plates you your new car just provide your old registration to the DMV or dealer where buying the car.

How does RCO valuate your vehicle determining how much cash for cars you’ll receive on Staten Island, NY?

Unlike other car buying companies which rely on software that’s flawed, RCO Cash for Cars uses human element. Each vehicle we buy is based on actual data that you provide. Key factors about its overall condition and viability will help us come up with a price for your car. RCO has been buying cars for cash on Staten Island since 2005. Our methods versus instant offers by other makes it easy for you so you know the price we say is the price we pay. We’ve been buying junk cars and viable cars on Staten Island for a a very long time. Here are a few things we factor in when coming up with a price:

  • What type of car and its age. Newer models will always have better value even if crashed than older junk cars.
  • If we are junking an older dated car, the price of steel basically sets forth what that car is worth as parts have no value to us.
  • Different models have different values. Lexus and Toyota typically pay a lot more than Fords and Chevy.
  • Comparable data from recent transactions of similar cars sold to dealers will set the base trend on its value.

Because markets fluctuate based on demand, pricing will always change so as time goes by chances are your vehicle may depreciate with age. If a specific model becomes problematic or is subject to a class action law suit, once demand on that car disappears, value can drop almost instantaneously.

Can RCO buy junk cars without title on Staten Island, NY?

As long as you have your keys and drivers license and the car is older than 10 years, we can have you sign a NYS DMV MV35 form and take a copy of your license. This certifies that you are in-fact the owner and custodian of the vehicle. If you don’t have your title that’s all we need. Just keep in mind by law the only thing we can do with the car is scrap it so the final price would strictly based on the metal value. If you have the title the value may be better if the car, truck or van is deemed to have parts value. A duplicate title can always be order online for New York State titles with overnight mailing.

Your search for a Staten Island car buyer is over

You won’t find a better company to sell your car to than RCO Cash for Cars. Between our efficiency and ability to pay top dollar for cars, trucks and vans with fast turnover, there’s no reason to look any further. Our stellar customer support makes selling your car a breeze! Our operators can get you a quote right over the phone at (888) 998-5103 or feel free to submit an online request by clicking the following link ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE and sell your car today on Staten Island, New York Today!