I want to sell my car and I live in the New York NY / New Jersey NJ area. Where would I start?

If you’re living in NYC metropolitan area and have been wondering, “how do I sell my car”, this article will tell you how and where to get some cash. But before we begin, let’s discuss the reasons why you want to sell your car.

The easiest way to get to the heart of the matter is to finish this sentence: “I want to sell my car because……

I want to sell my car because I’m tired of the payments. It’s too expensive!

People want to sell their cars for a multitude of reasons. Some folks are tired of the car payments, the poor fuel economy, or a number of other things. Other people want to sell their vehicles because they simply want to get a different car, or because a new car has caught their eye.

While a number of people WANT to sell their car, some people actually NEED to sell their car.

With the economy the way it is these days, that second car or more luxurious auto might be an issue preventing more vital bills and expenses from getting paid for. There is a huge difference between what we want and what we need and the actual need also can put time constraints or a real rush on the issue. If you need to sell your car in NY fast, for whatever reason, you’ll want a quick solution.

The category you fall into, either “I want to sell my car” or “I need to sell my car,” will help us determine the most appropriate and effective course of action.

I don’t just WANT to sell my car; I NEED to sell my car. NYC is too expensive as it is, so I have to unload this car now!

If fast sale is important to you, then we can narrow down your viable options on how to really sell your car fast in NYC.

You could put your car up for sale privately, with a newspaper or listing ad that you have to pay for. Attempting to sell your vehicle that way can take quite a while depending on your asking price and the number of people searching for a used car like yours, so be careful. If selling your car privately, you should also be careful for another reason: you’re attracting attention from shady individuals and potential scammers who have been targeting individuals just like you. Feel free to check out our article How to sell a car? – Be Careful! as it details some of the things to watch out for when selling a car privately.

For a faster and safer sale, you could always consider a used car buyer. A used car buyer’s sole purpose is simply to buy your car, so instead of searching for someone who might want to buy your car, you go to the place that you know has a real business interest in your car.

Working with a car buyer can make things a heck of a lot easier for you. Your potential car buyer does not have to check with his wife to make sure she likes the color. You won’t get a sob story over why you should lower the price or hold the car until his next payday. Plus you don’t have to wait about, spending hours of your valuable time and not knowing what the outcome will be. At our car buying service, RCO Cash for Cars, we’re able to give you a free quote on your used car in as little as 20 minutes. Talk about fast cash for cars!

But, how do I know that I am selling my car for what it is really worth?

When figuring out what your car is worth, just remember, Kelley Blue Book Values can be misleading. You may find that you’re simply not able to sell your car for its Kelley Blue Book Value no matter what avenue you pursue. KBB values are often completely inaccurate.

All used car buyers have their own method of determining a car quote, so this is where reputation really matters. A reputable licensed and bonded bar buyer will give you a fair, accurate price, even if this price is not always the same as the KBB value.
At RCO Cash for Cars, we always buy cars for very fair prices. Whether over the phone or via the internet, we are more than happy to provide customers with a quote to they can make a sound accurate decision on how to sell their car with no obligation at all.

It’s that simple? I get a quote and I sell my car? How long until I actually get paid?

Again, different places have different standards in their business.

At RCO Cash for Cars the whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes and we like to make it as painless as possible for our customers. You come in with a car and you walk out with cash. It can’t get any easier than that. If you choose to sell your car to RCO Cash for Cars, you’ll get paid cash on the spot at our facility.


Go from “I want to sell my car” to “I sold my car” in minutes!

Sell your car, super fast. At RCO Cash for Cars, you can get a free appraisal to sell your car today, with no obligation. We are highly reputable car buyers; one of the largest buyers in the NYC Metro / Tri-State area serving all five New York City boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey. With RCO Cash for Cars, you’ll be able to get fast cash for your car, without the hassles of selling privately. So come on in to RCO Cash for Cars today, and get a free no obligation quote on your used car!

Learn more about why choose us to buy your car and call us today at 888-589-1747.

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