In the past I have heard many stories from people calling us seeking cash for cars citing they needed to sell the car due to a medical or family emergency trying to get us to give them a few extra bucks than our offer. In many cases, I’d love to help people but there’s just no true way of knowing what we can sell their cars for and most people flat out lie.

The first of many story tellers I encountered was a guy who called us with a Buick. While on our short test drive I passed our detail guy whom he claimed did a lot of work on his car. After the drive was over, after failing to negotiate a higher price, he broke down and cried. He started telling me about how his wife was now diagnosed with cancer and that he needed the money for medical bills. I felt horrible and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. In this case I told him if we sold the car beyond our target price, I’d mail him a check with extra money. This is something I have done before. When I brought the car in for a detail, the first thing the owner asked was where we got this car. “I know that guy!” he said. I told him about his sick wife and he started laughing. When asked why he was laughing he told me the guy was full of shit. He often bragged about his girlfriends and how he hated his wife. He also claimed that he had seen him about a few weeks ago and they everything was normal and the guy was boasting about the girls he was screwing around with. The guy also lied about the car never being involved in an accident when there was paint all over the front fenders and hood. My original instincts were most likely correct that this guy needed to sell the car for a gambling debt. Needless to say, we never mailed a check.

Today, a young lady with a sick child is coming to see us. With all sincerity, she sounded legit on the phone. When I met Jenny, she was there with her young daughter who has been going in for treatment for sickle cell anemia. She needed to get extra cash and needed to sell her car. In all fairness, we are going to take her car on consignment and giver her all the money less operating costs. In a world that’s full of dishonest people, it’s hard to do the right thing when everyone is lying. I’m looking forward to helping this woman and her family.

A few years ago, a gentlemen sold me a Corvette Convertible which we told we would mail him a check if the car did better than expected. That poor guy had brain cancer and it was the real deal. We ended up mailing him a check for an extra $500. Although I haven’t heard anything back, I sincerely hope he made a recovery.

If in the future you have a car to sell in the New York NY or New Jersey NJ areas and need a quote, visit RCO Cash for Cars online at or call 888-589-1747.

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