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Getting Cash for Cars on Staten Island

Trust in RCO Cash for Cars

If you live in Staten Island, you know how precious parking space can be. If you have a vehicle that won’t run, you may be looking at a parking ticket in some areas just for having it out on the street at night. In these situations, moving that junk car is of paramount importance.

This is where RCO Cash for Cars Staten Island comes into the picture. RCO Cash for Cars will make an appraisal, pick up your vehicle, and pay you in cash the same day. RCO has some of the highest payouts in the industry and a network of affiliates all over the country who work for us to accommodate your car sale needs. For, in providing this service, we have developed one of the largest car buying networks in the nation.

Of course, when it comes to buying vehicles, RCO doesn’t limit the inquiry to junk cars. We also buyout new, used, financed, leased, and totaled vehicles. And for your convenience, the entire process is streamlined. We take care of any DMV paperwork and resolve any liens by paying off the debts owed on the vehicle from the purchase price. For this reason, RCO retains a five-star rating based on customer feedback in the Staten Island area.

All you need to do is request a quote online by filling out our RCO quote form. Next, a representative from RCO will contact you with an offer on your vehicle. If you accept the offer, an appointment to pick up your vehicle can be scheduled for whenever you are ready. Finally, have your identification, title, and any paperwork regarding a release from the lien available at the time of pickup. You will be paid cash on the spot or through a deposit directly into your bank account.

You never have to worry about encountering strangers or dealing with a company that lacks public accountability. The entire car-buying experience provides you with an alternative to endlessly trading in your vehicle and being at the mercy of car dealerships. The car dealerships in your area know that they have a monopoly and that it will be tough for you to sell the vehicle by any other method. It is only thanks to the magic of technology and our specialization in computer networking that sellers like you can obtain fair market rates on your vehicles. In fact, let’s consider the alternatives for selling your car below.

Online Classified Ads

If you want to sell your cars in Staten Island, be prepared to deal with the dangers of big city life. If you have a valuable vehicle, there are a lot of desperate car thieves out there who would like to profile you and drive over to a chop shop across the bridge. Although we live in a world where we would like to think that this is not possible because we don’t hear about it, it does happen.

The parts of many vehicles are so valuable and hard to trace back to a stolen vehicle. Once the shell is crushed, there is almost no evidence that the car ever entered a recycling yard. It is easy for key members of dishonest theft rings to infiltrate and gain employment in such places with criminal records.

Classified ads also cost you money and flood shoppers with offers that are too good to be true. Because the banks are hard-pressed to finance used vehicles from private sellers, the only ones who have the cash to buy your vehicle are collectors of certain rare models and people looking for the rock-bottom deals because cash is king. It is a buyers market where only the most desperate sellers will find common ground on a negotiable price.

In order to pull off the scam, classified ad buyers can use counterfeit bills, bad checks, or flat out steal your car once they have test-driven it and determined its security vulnerabilities. Other buyers will waste your time by kicking tires and making offers that are too low on the spot to flip it for a quick profit themselves. Buyers can use fake identification and pre-paid phone numbers that are virtually untraceable.

There have been many cases on Craigslist where people have met strangers to sell a car and were murdered. The sad reality is that there are many people addicted to narcotics who are apathetic about death and will do anything for a fix.

Online Auctions

Although online auctions can be an avenue for you to sell your cars in Staten Island or anywhere outside of the area thanks to the wonders of car shipping companies. Very few buyers will put out a lot of money when they buy a car sight-unseen. And due to the visual showcasing of vehicles and the magic of digital photography, extensive body damage may be hidden on vehicles. This makes car buyers jaded regarding the quality of a vehicle even if it looks nice in the photos.

Furthermore, you will find that online bidding is nothing like an auction house. Online bidding doesn’t work because no one places competitive bids anymore. They all use technology to enter a robo-bid at the last second to see if they can snag something at rock-bottom prices. The energy and irrational momentum that drives auctions is lacking in online auction sites. You will never find a fair price using these methods.

Street Advertising

Putting a “For Sale” sign in your window may sound like an easy way to find the right buyer. However, this can be embarrassing and a difficult form of marketing to attract classy buyers who have money. Very few well-to-do buyers want to deal with private individuals unless it is some extremely eye-catching collector car that has a sticker price that anyone would buy at. Because cars have become just cars and very few special models exist, you can expect to generate very little interest by using this method.

You can also park a junk model in your driveway and hope someone who needs parts from that same car comes along. This is a gamble and may even be illegal in some areas due to residency laws that are intended to remove eyesores and urban blight from properties. A junk or totaled car can become infested with rodents and leak toxic fluids into the soil. It can also be dangerous if you have children who play in the backyard if they are ever left unsupervised.


RCO Cash for Cars Staten Island makes it safe and easy for you to sell your vehicles. The sad reality is that most Americans do not even have $1,000 in cash sitting in their bank. The number of people who actually have money to buy your vehicle in a private sale is extremely limited. Although online auctions offer the convenience of credit card payments for people with a $10,000 or $20,000 credit line to find a vehicle, the concept of bidding has disappeared.

Banks simply don’t like to dish out cash for vehicles that have not been thoroughly inspected by a respectable dealership with a good rapport. And this is why the market is dead and why you should sell to RCO Cash for Cars. In addition, because a car is such a large purchase that is dependent upon lenders, you will find that there is a lot of fraud and criminality in the used car market. Stay safe and get a fair deal that you deserve by selling your car to RCO today.

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As CEO of RCO Cash for Cars, our company's model was created to be a step above all the other car buying companies. We treat customers how we ourselves would like to be treated if we needed to sell an automobile. Honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism! Anything less than that is unacceptable. Our company evaluates vehicles based on the age, mechanical condition, and overall history. There is no one size fits all when selling a car, truck or van. Our human element approach eliminates the flaws of generic pricing guides. RCO Cash for Cars prides itself being one of the top car buyers in the country and is always looking for other car buyers and recycling facilities to join our network. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns!

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