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For starters I pondered on whether or not to write this as I personally frown on discussing political issues.

Without getting to technical it’s not too difficult to realize that the recent government impasse is a ploy for Democrats to block the wall as a way to deny Trumps agenda.  Realistically their arguments are weak and they themselves have all supported this cause in the past.  The only reason why it’s denied is the new messenger is Donald J. Trump.

Holding Federal workers hostage for political purposes is a travesty.  As these men and women continue to carry out their positions without financial compensation is just flat out wrong.  When these workers start to have issues paying mortgages, rent, bills, and putting food on the table, will their creditors understand and give them amnesty while this flawed 2 party political system continues holding them hostage?

I’ve heard time and time again that if there is a future government shutdown, congressmen/women and senators should forfeit paychecks until the impasse is resolved and I totally agree.  Personally, this will never pass.

I understand why President Trump is holding his ground and personally agree with border funding, however, these unpaid and furloughed workers need to be compensated as they schlep to work daily.  What I am proposing is that the President and Congress enact a temporary fund where the American People can bridge money to pay these workers during the impasse.  This is not a donation but a temporary loan by the American public to pay these workers.  For every amount contributed that amount would be returned upon ratification of a new budget.  Should the impasse continue 45 days after that contribution the government would be responsible to pay minimal interest on said lent funds at prime +1.  This would give the unpaid workers money needed for salary as the impasse continues.

Regardless of what party you are affiliated with you have to ask yourself why we the people should be penalized by incompetent politicians who put their agendas in front of the American People.If you agree that a bridge account sounds like a great idea, please share this post and make it go viral.  We need the right people to see it so such an idea so maybe they enact on this quickly as it seems like there is no end in sight

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