STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Selling a car can be just as frustrating as selling a house, you list your vehicle for sale and no body wants to buy it.

There are many variables that can come into play when trying to sell your car.  For starters, whats the overall condition like? If your vehicle is older than 10 years, domestic and has mechanical issues, there’s a good chance its only worth scrap money.  If your vehicle is an older japaneses vehicle, even inoperable, your vehicle may be worth money.  It’s not easy delineating the difference if you’re not in the business.

If you live on Staten Island, RCO Cash for Cars may be the solution you are looking for if convenience is what you seek.  Not many companies on Staten Island will buy your newer vehicle especially if its a luxury car or truck.  RCO can pay up to $100K for your unwanted headache!

Conveniently located right here on Staten Island, getting a quote for your vehicle has never been easier.  There’s no leaving the island and you can get a cash for cars quote right over the phone.  RCO has a large network of partners that can help assist remove your junk, crashed and pre 2000 vehicles while getting cash.  Keep in mind, scrap metal is down to historic lows hovering around 3.5 cents per pound down from 20 cents just 2 years ago.  While the days of getting $500 for your scrap vehicle are over, we can still help you get some financial compensation with free towing for your junk car.

Visit RCO Cash for Cars at 49 Englewood Ave #2 Staten Island NY 10309 or call toll free 888-589-1747.  The whole process takes minutes.  You can also visit www.rcocashforcars.com for a free online quote!