People sell vehicles for all sorts of reasons. Maybe you’ve had it too long and have been enticed by newer models, or maybe the last trip to the mechanic made you see the light and you know the end is near. No matter what the reason, you want to sell your car or truck and want to get the most money.



  • If you own a newer car, you’re never going to sell it for the money a dealer can get for the vehicle. Think about it, how many people have $15,000 or more lying around to buy your vehicle. Dealers have multiple resources that can get a customer into a new vehicle. With a wide range of lenders offering from sub-prime to stellar credit, one can walk into a dealership with practically no money down and secure a monthly loan on their purchase. Something a private seller cannot offer. This allows a dealership to get the most for a vehicle versus the private seller. In fact, when a private seller attempts to sell their vehicle, the majority of buyers are dealers trying to pay cash at wholesale. If you’re one of these sellers you know this can be quite annoying.
  • What’s the overall condition of your vehicle? If it has mechanical problems, you’re not going to get all the money. The reason why you’re selling is because you don’t want the headache. Most buyers will inspect a car before buying, they’re not going to give you top dollar for your problems.
  • Is your car dated? If your vehicle is 10 years old and over 100,000 miles, it is. If you have a base model domestic vehicle consider selling it for junk or scrap money. If its a well maintained luxury or Japanese auto such as Toyota or Honda, then it may be worth money.  Cars like these typically sell in the $2,000 to $8,000 range and can easily fetch a private buyer with cash.



This is extremely important. If you’re car hasn’t been cleaned in years or has Cheerios all over the back seat from your kids whom are now 10, you need to take your vehicle for a bath. A full detail is warranted. Take it to a detail shop that does complete interior and exterior work. Sometimes you can wet sand light scratches and they virtually disappear. Compound and wax will bring out that shine. Shampoo the carpets and steam clean the engine. If you own a newer vehicle and it has miscellaneous light dents or damage, consider possibly fixing it before selling. Once you do this you may have second thoughts about selling. Again appearance is everything. Look at your car in its current condition and ask yourself, would you pay the money you are hoping to get and the answer is most likely no. Sometimes appearance may make a buyer not worry so much about the little issues. Understand we are not recommending full details for older junk or scrap vehicles, in those cases the car or truck will be crushed or parted which makes a detail a complete waste of time.


For many, the thoughts of entertaining complete strangers calling at all hours of the day, appointments made and buyers never showing up, and the possibility of being victimized by possible scams are disheartening which makes this option viable! At RCO Cash for Cars, we assess a vehicle for what it is. Reconditioning is not necessary however it does make it more appealing to us. After a thorough inspection and history check of your vehicle, we present an offer and that’s it. If money is owned to the bank, we pay them directly and give the balance to you. There are those occasions where more is owed than its value, in those situations the balance is due by the seller upon deal.

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