Assess your vehicle.

The preferences of the car-buying public vary from season to season, yet certain car models have successfully withstood the test of time. These include highly saleable automobiles like the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic, which are likely to sell faster compared to other models. Take time to check your car’s marketability by consulting websites like Edmunds.com.

Assess your car’s market value.

Once you’ve evaluated your vehicle’s market potential, you can now set a realistic price tag. Refer to the Kelley Blue Book website to find out the average going rate for your car. Alternatively, ask your local car dealers for reasonable price recommendations.

Give your vehicle a makeover.

You can increase your car’s marketability by making a few minor improvements. Little touches like thorough washing, waxing, or auto detailing can make your car more presentable. By showing how much you care for your car, you also send a message to the prospective owner to care for your car in the same way.

If you’ve recently made major mechanical improvements to your vehicle, you can further boost its price. However, be sure not to overdo this so you won’t have a hard time attracting potential buyers. In any case, you can turn it up a notch by bargaining with a prospective buyer.

Decide how to sell your car.

Many car owners approach dealerships to sell their vehicles. If you want to sell your car without any help, you could place ads in newspapers. This process, however, would normally entail huge costs. In contrast, most online listings are free. So if you’re really committed to finding the best deal for your car and have made “I want to sell my car in NY or NJ” your daily mantra, you may want to consider reputable sites like www.rcocashforcars.com.  Getting cash for cars can be easier than you think when using a car buying company then selling privately.