The 2 most important factors in getting the most realistic price for your car without a physical inspection are honesty and non misrepresentation!

In an effort at getting our customers the most cash for cars without a physical inspection we rely on our customers giving us current detailed information about your vehicle. One of the biggest factors that can cause a variance in price is whether your car or truck has prior paintwork or repaired accident damage. Although Carfax says the vehicle has no prior accidents, this doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the clear. Every vehicle we purchase goes through a physical inspection. We scan the paintwork and look at inner components to see if there was prior collision repair. If after an inspection these critical details are discovered there is no way we can pay the money offered upon our initial phone consult. Just because you answer some questions in a positive note to get a higher quote doesn’t mean you’re gonna get this price if you misrepresented the vehicle. Disclosures should also include mechanical issues and problems.

If you have title or lien issues this can also be an issue. Without a title or lien documents its impossible to convey sale of the vehicle We can assist. If you do not have a lien release, once satisfaction of loan is verified by the financial institution, we will pay you for your vehicle and have a duplicate sent to our facility. If you do not have your title, we can walk you through the process of getting a duplicate. In those cases, if cash is needed, we can give partial funds while waiting for the duplicate title. The balance will be paid upon title receipt.

The bottom line, we want to buy your car, truck and van giving you an accurate quote. If your information is accurate then payment is accurate so your honesty is critical and misrepresentation will only cause you a loss of time and energy set forth in selling your vehicle for the cash you need.

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