1.) You will need to prepare your vehicle for sale.  In order to do so, we recommend you clean the interior and exterior. When taking photographs of your car or truck, make sure sun light does not interfere with pictures.

2.) Next you will have to ask yourself the question “How much can I really get to sell my car for?” A realistic price to expect for a quick turn around sale would be recommended trade in values. There are some variables that will effect the price such as mileage, condition, and features.

3.) Next, you have to assess the market demand for your vehicle.  For example, the price of gas can drastically effect desirability in larger engines.

4.) Now you need to determine who you will sell your car to. You have to decide whether selling your car privately is the way to go.  In many cases, it might more feasible to use our cash for cars service.  This can be done in various different ways, one of which could be using our cash for cars service.  This can be a very quick process, and you can get the cash you need in as little as 20 minutes or less.

5.) If you decide to sell your car privately, utilize classified advertisements and wait.  If you car is right you will get people inquiring about your vehicle.

6.) Lastly, our RCO Cash for Cars service will assist people in the New York, New Jersey metro areas should you wish to sell your car quickly.  We do all the paperwork and you get the cash you need.  The beauty of it is we will buy all types of new, used, leased, financed, junk, and collision cars.