The year 1992, you just came home with that brand new Cadillac Allante convertible and what a beauty she was.  Everywhere you drove people looked at you with envy while you drove in elegance.  Everybody wanted to be you.

Now lets fast forward now to the present year 2013.  The car is now 21 years old, been involved in 3 accidents, has 150K miles, the roof has a tear and it wont start.  Lets face it, its a junk car.  Nobody in their right mind is going to spend any money to fix it and your wife keeps yelling at you to get rid of that piece of crap to free up the garage.  If your dog was 21 years old and stricken with cancer, you’d do the humane thing and put it down.  Why not do the same for your car.  This is where we come in and you can get cash for junk cars.

RCO Cash for Cars has a service that offers customers throughout the NY and NJ metro areas the opportunity to junk a car and make a few dollars at the same time.   No matter the condition, we’d like to put a cash offer on your vehicle.  It doesn’t matter if the car is aged, damaged or has severe mechanical issues, we have buyers that will take your car away and you wont have to pay for a tow.

For a free no hassle quote for your junk vehicle, you can visit us online at or call 888-589-1747.  The whole process will take minutes and you’ll get paid for that scrap vehicle.  Why wait any longer and call today.