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So here’s your dilemma, all those parking tickets and traffic violations you neglected to pay have finally caught up to you.  The other day, you walked outside only to realize your vehicle was booted, impounded and towed away.  When you called the city to find out what your fines were you were blown away at the fact you owed the City of New York $4500 in fines and there’s just no way you can afford to pay that fine.  The sad part is you know your vehicle is worth more than the fines but you cant pay the fine and risk losing your vehicle at a city auction.  This is where RCO Cash for Cars comes in!

New York City doesn’t want you to pay the fines if you have a newer vehicle, they know if you cant come up with the money, they’ll sell it at auction for more than you owe.  Rather than lose your car and have a black mark against your credit by the city, we may be able to pay off your fines and get you some cash on the back end.  Think about it, why lose your car and get a possibly have a negative mark on your credit?

Found in public domain, anyone owning rights to this photo wishing it to be removed please contact us.

For those with insurance lapses over a lengthy period and do have the funds to get your vehicle out of impound, you might be faced with the dilemma of not being able to re-register your car for the time frame of the lapse.  In other words, if you didn’t pay insurance for 2 years then you have a car sitting for 2 years before you can register it, that’s part of your penalty.  RCO can help buying your vehicle quickly without the headaches to trying to find a private buyer.

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