RCO Cash for Cars would love to accept your car for donation but we recommend you take cash for your car.

Here are some things you probably didn�t know�

  1. At one time you could donate a car and get Kelly Blue Book values as a write off however nobody every knows the KBB prices were inflated and the IRS got smart.  People were buying junk boxes for $300 and would donate them to charity taking write offs for as much as $5000.  YOU CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE!  The Internal Revenue Service changed the law and you can only write off what your car actually sells for.  In other words, If your donated vehicle sells for $1,000 then that is your write off.  In this example, you would probably get about a $300 tax savings.

  2. If you are in a feel good mood and think donating your car helps people, think again.  The majority of money generated from car donations ends up going mostly to 3rd parties and only a small percentage actually goes to the cause.  Once your donated vehicle is sold, that money will be split to the dealer buying your car (in most cases an off shoot of the charity), tow companies and other interested parties.  The charity will be lucky to see a 5% precent of the money your car generated.  If you want to make a donation to a charity, sell us your car and send that money directly to a charity of your choice.  That charity will get more.

  3. Free vacation or hotel?  Let�s be real.  Nothing in life is for free.  You are paying for that alleged vacation one way or another.  Most of these hotel room deals are given from some of the money your car generates or you are getting a time share invite.  Either way, it�s not worth the headache.  The locations in most of these deals will not be of interest and there will probably be restrictions including limitations.  If we buy the car, use that money towards a vacation. 

We�d love to accept your car for donation in NY, NJ, Staten Island, and Brooklyn however we would rather keep it honest and get you the money rather that scamming you.  If you want to help people, take the cash and give it to the charity of your choice!  We pay cash for cars and will get you money for all types of new, used, leased, junk, collision and damaged vehicles.